“We are eager to join forces with companies which can champion the future generation of environmental problem solvers and leaders, and help bring some of their sustainability projects to life”

Angela McCarthy, CEO of
The Earth Foundation


What is your path to sustainability?


Partnering with The Earth Prize offers you the opportunity to:

Display your path to sustainability

Visible demonstration of corporate social responsibility, positive media coverage and publicity.

Access young talent

Connect to a vast source of fresh thinking and motivated students across the globe who could be candidates for future recruitment.

Create Impact

Support further development of innovative solutions which solve environmental sustainability problems.

Increase brand visibility

Increase awareness of your organization, programs, and cause.


Ways to Partner

Discover how we engage with corporations to open doors to new opportunities and innovation for our young talents.


About The Earth Prize

Through The Earth Prize competition students are inspired, educated, mentored and empowered to solve environmental sustainability issues. We do this by giving access to:

A global network of inspirational individuals

Mentoring by university students

Exclusive online learning content

Entrepreneurial skills training


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"Everything I experienced throughout this competition will stay with me for a long time, and will shape how I think and make decisions."

Annamaria Szelics

The Earth Prize Mentor


Our Partners

Below are some of our partners which champion The Earth Foundation and The Earth Prize


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Become part of The Earth Prize ecosystem and help us empower young talents around the world to drive positive impact.

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