Fresh thinking.

Every year, The Earth Prize will select a pool of the best young talent from The Earth Prize Participants and Mentors. These students will join The Earth Prize Alumni through which they will receive additional support to become the future generation of environmental problem solvers.

Amongst other elements, the Alumni platform will provide its members with professional-development opportunities such as networking, internships, and other skills-focused placements.


How it works

Support The Earth Prize Alumni talent by offering at least one internship per year. Internships can be virtual, in-person, full-time, part-time, paid or unpaid… the choice is yours!

Virtual internship

In person internship




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Become part of The Earth Prize ecosystem and help us empower young talents around the world to drive positive impact.

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Other ways in which you can get involved

Discover how we engage with corporations to open doors to new opportunities and innovation for our young talents.


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