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The Earth Prize is the world’s biggest environmental sustainability prize for teenage students. Through The Earth Prize, students are challenged, mentored, and inspired to effect real change by designing their own environmental sustainability projects, products, organizations or enterprises.

Over the past two years, our small team in Switzerland has successfully reached over 1,500 schools across 144 countries and territories, fostering positivity and providing educational opportunities for students to engage in environmental sustainability projects.

Together we are working on our goal to bring The Earth Prize to 100.000 students in 193 countries by 2028.

What our ecosystem says about us

Annamaria Szelics

Everything I experienced throughout this competition will stay with me for a long time, and will shape how I think and make decisions.

Pauline Herbommez

The Earth Prize came in just at the time we were saying that we don't want to focus on the gloom and doom, we want to focus on hope and solutions.

Laurence Myers

The prize challenges you to become a better teacher and learning facilitator, and for me, that is worth a million dollars right there.

Where our community is based

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