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Whether you're thinking about starting a new Eco Club or boosting an existing one, our 10-step guide can help.

With an Eco Club, you'll not only improve your school but also continue The Earth Prize legacy. You'll get exclusive access to The Earth Prize learning materials, perfect for sparking debates, hosting hackathons, or running eco-challenges.

Additionally, our global platform lets Eco Clubs worldwide connect and learn together. Check out each step in our guide for a quick explanation and delve deeper with the provided link. Got questions? Our FAQ section is here to help.

So, jump in, start your Eco Club adventure, and share your eco-journey with us.

10 simple steps to build your Eco Club

Step 1

Crafting a vision for your Eco Club might sound big, but it's just about dreaming up what you want to achieve and how you'll get there. Keep it simple - for example, the mission of The Earth Prize is to inspire, educate, mentor and empower.

Step 2

Excited to gather a crew for your Eco Club? Start by asking your friends if they're interested in the environment and would like to join your club. Next, reach out to the rest of your school in order to find people you don’t know so well who would be interested in joining - see our Growth step below!

Step 3

Ready to get your Eco Club off the ground? The first step is getting permission from your school. To do this, prepare a detailed proposal outlining the club's objectives, activities, and potential benefits. Not sure who to show it to? Just ask your teacher - they'll point you to the right person. Don't worry, it's not as scary as it sounds!

Step 4

Are you ready to find some adult partners for your Eco Club? This can be done in two easy steps. First of all look for teachers or school staff who are all about being green, maybe they are recycling at lunch, talking about nature, or they might run a gardening club. Then approach these adults and tell them about your vision for your Eco Club and ask them if they'd be interested in helping out.

Step 5

Ready to get your Eco Club on the calendar? Scheduling is very important for running a smooth and successful club. This includes picking a time, day and the perfect place for regular meetings, as well as how often you think your club should meet. If your school has a designated day for extracurricular clubs, take this into consideration when choosing a day and time.

Step 6

Within your first meeting, encourage all members to share what they would like the Eco Club to achieve. These could be small steps or big dreams. This is important as sharing helps us understand what everyone wants and builds a common purpose for the club. Make sure your goals are not too big that you can't complete them by the end of the school year and that they are measurable so you can track your progress.

For example:
  • Reducing plastic usage: track the levels of litter around the school and the number of people in school with single-use plastic water bottles. Compare this data from the beginning of your club until later when you would make efforts to reduce plastic use.

Step 7

Assigning roles is key to making things run smoothly and this can be done in your first meeting. For starters, let everyone introduce themselves, that way you can get to know what people's strengths and weaknesses are, as well as what they are passionate about. Then you can introduce the different roles needed, like president, secretary, treasurer, and marketing coordinator. Assign roles through election or through nomination, and remember that you can have more than one person within each role.

  • When choosing roles it is important to think about roles that align with your personal interests and strengths. For example if you are passionate about leading the role of President would be ideal for you.

Step 8

Ready to spread the word about your Eco Club? Growing your Eco Club is crucial for its success and there are plenty of ways to build this community. A larger team can lead to greater results. So, spread the word! Share about the club with friends on social media, put up posters around your school, or send emails to your whole school.

Step 9

Ready to connect your Eco Club with the world? The Earth Prize has private TikTok and instagram accounts your club can follow to connect with similar clubs all around the world! Share your goals, learn from other initiatives, and explore ways you can support each other.

Step 10

Remember those goals you set? Once you complete them, it is important to celebrate your successes. This can help make members even more motivated to continue with the Eco Club, creating a positive environment for all club members!

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