If my school already has an Eco Club, but it is not running very efficiently, how can I improve it?
Improving an existing Eco Club can be as simple as revisiting and implementing specific steps from our guide. Steps 7, 8, 9, and 10 can help streamline the club's operations. Additionally, revisiting step 1 can revitalize your club by reminding everyone of your mission and goals.
What should I do if something doesn’t go to plan when setting up my Eco Club?
If something doesn't go as planned while setting up your Eco Club, don't worry. It's part of the learning process. Revisit the issue, brainstorm solutions with your team, and try a new approach. Remember, every challenge is an opportunity for growth and innovation. Keep going, and keep learning!
How can I identify the key environmental issues in my area?
Identifying local environmental issues is straightforward. Start by exploring environmental nonprofits' websites and local newspapers online for information on environmental challenges. Also, check your local government websites, focusing on sections dedicated to the environment or sustainability. These resources provide ample information on your area's key environmental concerns.
What kind of activities or events can we organize to make an impact?
Your Eco Club can lead impactful activities ranging from local cleanup drives, recycling campaigns, and tree-planting events to hosting an Eco-Fair or inviting guest speakers. Starting a gardening club, organizing a climate change rally, launching eco-challenges like "Zero Waste Week", conducting sustainability workshops, and screening environmental films can all contribute significantly to your eco-action efforts.
Do I have to participate in The Earth Prize within my Eco Club?
No, participating in The Earth Prize is not a requirement for your Eco Club. However, it can be a fantastic resource and inspiration for your activities. You could even host a mock Earth Prize competition at your school to encourage environmental awareness and engagement. Ultimately, how you choose to use The Earth Prize resources is up to you and your club's goals.


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