Team Viridis


Campion College


A mobile app to help fight food waste from supermarkets.

Focusing on the social and environmental issue of food waste, Team Viridis of Jamaica put all of their energy into a project that truly exudes excellence.


Four friends from Campion College came together to present their idea for a mobile application that facilitates the distribution of superficially imperfect foods, or ones that are past their “use by date”, to people who would benefit from less expensive alternatives. Such an “app” would also have the benefit of reducing overall food waste in Jamaica.

As each of the team members was active in various school groups and local environmental NGOs such as Clean Up or Act, they were aware that no one was really addressing food waste in Jamaica and were therefore convinced that this would be a beneficial and popular tool for the local population. They knew the app needed to be convenient and user-friendly to become a sustainable solution for both the consumers and the supermarkets.

While the team members participate in overlapping after-school activities, they each bring their specific passions and interests to the table. Ashley was born in New York but spent most of her childhood in Jamaica. She writes poetry, plays football and is looking forward to studying journalism at university. Jordanne volunteers for multiple social endeavours such as Clean Up and Act. She is also president of the drama club and participates in Key Club. Rachelle describes herself as a scientist who is very involved in matters of social justice. She is president of the English Club, runs a non-profit, and mentors women in STEM subjects.

To anyone considering registering for The Earth Prize next year, Team Viridis says: “Definitely do it! The experience has made us closer as friends and has truly trained us for our futures. It taught us to be creative, innovative and better at time management.”


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