Are students from different grades allowed to participate in the same team?
Students from different classes and grades are welcome to form a team as long as they are between the ages of 13 and 19 and registered in the same institution.
Are students from different schools allowed to participate in the same team?
All members of each team must be registered in the same school/institution.
Can new team members join after the Registration Phase is over?
Once the Registration Phase is over, no new team members will be allowed to join existing teams.
Can a team member be replaced?
Once the Registration Phase is over, Participants cannot be replaced by a new team member.
Can a team member be removed?
Yes, team Supervisors can decide to remove a team member if they deem it necessary. The Earth Prize reserves the right to remove any Participant for breaching the Code of Conduct.
Can a student participate in more than one team?
No, each Participant may belong to only one team.
How do you create a team?
The teams can only be created by the team Supervisor (teacher). Each student will receive an email from the Earth Prize Submissions Portal inviting them to join a team.
Can a team submit more than one entry?
Each team can submit only one entry.
Is there a maximum number of teams that a school is allowed to register?
There is no limit to the number of teams that can participate from a school.


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