Fresh Idea Canvas

1. Problem Statement

What is the problem you are trying to solve?

Why is it important to address?

Is it local/national/global?

Who is affected by it and how?

2. Proposed Solution

What is your proposed solution?

3. Implementation

How will you implement your idea?

What are the key activities/ steps?

4. Resources

What resources do you need to bring your idea to life?

5. Financials

What are the main costs your idea will incur?

How will you finance it?

Will you make any profit?

6. Stakeholders

Who will be interested in supporting your idea?

How will you engage with them?

7. Communication Plan

How will you engage the public in supporting your idea?

How costly are the measures?

8. Expected Impact

What is the expected impact of your idea?

Who/what will benefit from it?


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